Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

Malaysia’s Minangkabau Culture

Negeri Sembilan – simply “nine nations” – frequently ignored as hurrying travellers between Kuala Lumpur and dazzling Melaka. Pleasantly surprised can be travellers who wander here. The influences of the culture of Western Sumatran Minangkabau have given the Negeri Sembilan a distinctive architecture, traditional wooden houses with unique roofs. The state is weakened beyond Seremban, the capital and main population centre. This tiny state has so much to offer amid all this, but the world is still unfamiliar with it. For this cause, you should suggest a tranquil weekend to discover Negeri Sembilan ‘s secret gems.

Seriously I miss Nilai, even though outsiders say nothing interesting, but for me the settlement there is the best, Seriemas City, and all residential areas are named after which flowers/plants. So unique

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What to do

Location & Nearby Attractions

In Negeri Sembilan, 20 Best Things To Do. The state houses the Malaysian culture of Minangkabau, a population of West Sumatra dating from the 15th century. The Minangkabau are renowned for its unusual and elegant style, with curved, carved roofs that look like buffalo horns. Negeri Sembilan has modest mountains for walking. There are many places to visit, museums, parks and more to enjoy, and it is home to the most populated beach resort in the world. Let’s explore what you can do here.


Negeri Sembilan has modest mountains for walking. There are many historic sights, museums, parks and more to enjoy at the national beach resort.

Top 10 things to do in Negeri Sembilan

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The night time in Port Dickson is very minimal. The best places to visit in PD while the sun is down and so many lovely landscapes, beaches and food are pretty diverse.

Here is the list of what to see in Negeri Sembilan

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Where to eat & drink


local snacks and dishes

In Negeri Sembilan, there are many things to eat, especially in Seremban. The state may not be remembered for its tourist features, but there is a list of good food that can be found here. After all, food is your heart’s easiest path. Yes? Here is a list of places to visit in order to try these tasty specialties:

Best Breakfast

Mostly recommended me these few places and now coming up with these top 10 top spot in Negeri Sembilan . Click here to explore the places

Best time to try local dish

It’s no wonder people go to Negeri Sembilan often to eat from spicy Minangkabau-style dishes to flavourful meals. Click here to explore the places

Nismilan spilled the tea

The best traditional places in Negeri Sembilan, recommended by food professionals. Check out where to eat Satay Minang, and other local tea-time style in Negeri Sembilan. Click here to explore the places


Seremban is one of the best places to enjoy the gourmet food and can be far away from a stream of people during the dinner time.  Click here to explore the places

Top 10 Where To Eat in Negeri Sembilan

I really love travelling Negeri Sembilan, nothing to say. Too nice to say something, aspectacular nature, good shopping and good food. Next month, I’ll bring my mother back here.

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Get Ready with your wallets

Where to Shop in Negeri Sembilan

Nilai 3 Wholesale Market

one-stop wholesale hub and a tourist shopping paradise with a range of products at affordable prices. This is a everyone’s shopping heaven. Read More

Seremban Prima

A convenient centre for people to buy their everyday needs since it is the largest shopping centre often used by local people. Read More

Teluk Kemang

Teluk Kemang has the largest collection of beach-themed T-shirts, traditional handbags, hats, and sandals in Port Dickson. Read More

Negeri Sembilan provides wide range of goods and products at very appealing and affordable prices and also catches the interest of the tourism industry



In Negeri Sembilan, there are quite a few cheap and affordable places to stay. Staying here is a smart choice because you have the ability to chill in the middle of an incredible scenery. In Negeri Sembilan you can find a house and some secluded areas perfect for staying




Grand Lexis Port Dickson

The Top Accomodation in Negeri Sembilan and most luxurious among others. Located 500 metres from Gemuk Beach, Grand Lexis Port Dickson provides luxurious villas with private swimming pools. It offers four restaurants and numerous leisure activities, surrounded by landscape gardens.

  • Spacious villas
  • Various recreational activities
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Langit Langi Hotel

3 starxcellent location score

Contemporary interior design

  •  Swimming pool
  • Free parking
  • Wifi
Price Per Night


Avillion Admiral Cove

Relaxing resort by the waters of Port Dickson

  • Breathtaking views of the marina
  • Fitness centre
  • Best breakfast
Price Per Night


Lexis Port Dickson

Fitted with wooden and stone

  • Boutique style
  • Spacious room
  • Sea view
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