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Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia bordering Kelantan in the north, Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan on the west, Johor and Terengganu in the south and the South China Sea in the east. With landmass covering almost 36,000 sq. kilometres, Pahang is a criminally underrated travel gem filled with lush rainforest reserves, pristine beaches and towering mountain ranges.

Pahang is the truly asia that suits malaysia so well, Pahang consists so many cultures from all over Asia. No wonder we have the most Public Holidays in the entire world

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What to do

Location & Nearby Attractions

The location of Kuantan district near the South China Sea makes this location even more special when there are beautiful beaches as one of the tourist attractions in the state of Pahang. Therefore, this article will comment on 30 interesting places in Kuantan, Pahang to make it easier for you to plan a vacation there later.


Kuantan District is the state capital for Pahang Darul Makmur which certainly has its own advantages compared to the other 10 districts in the state.

10 Incredible Places To Visit In Pahang Malaysia for your next vacay!

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Pahang falls somewhere between worthy of particular mention, very playful, cozzy and sceneric in the Genting Highlands and Kuantan areas.

The famous Skytropolis happens to be an enormous nightlife area – check it out.

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Where to eat & drink

Melaka local snacks and dishes

With patin fish at the forefront, Malay cuisine features a lot of seafood. Gulai tempoyak ikan patin, one of Pahang’s most popular dishes, consists of juicy, tender patin fish cooked in curry made of tempoyak (fermented durian). We will list it to you the best places to get all these local food.
Best Breakfast to Try!

What to eat for a Pahang breakfast? We’ll share your best breakfast in Pahang with your Top 10. Click here to explore the places

What’s for LUNCH?

10 Secret Food Jewels Worth It For Your Hungry Tummy In Pahang!
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Good place for Tea-Time

You’re going to be surprised at what Pahang will bring you for tea time.
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Dinner Time!

Most of us look forward to having dinner in Pahang, and this is when it all comes to be.
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Now is supper!

Promising a wide range of cuisine such as Local cuisine, the Middle East even at late night
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Top 10 Where To Eat in Pahang

Kuantan satisfied our palates and our need for a retreat. Next time we’re here, we’d definitely love to try and surf!

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Get Ready with your wallets

Where to Shop in Pahang

Asian Cultural Village

The Culture Village representing numerous countries and their exclusive products, selling merchandise  from Asian handicrafts. Read More

Temerloh Day Market

Temerloh Day Market is packed with various types of goods, including clothes, souvenirs, food, wet materials and more. Read More

Natural Batik Village

To make your holiday in this state more perfect, Natural Batik Village to see for yourself how this heritage treasure is produced.  Read More

From the rows of souvenier shops in Temerloh Day Market to ultra-modern shopping malls in Pahang. With our list, get to know where to shop



We’ve got you covered, if you want to figure out where to rest in Pahang. We’re doing the job for you. What you need is to choose and enjoy your stay in Pahang.




The Luxury Suite

Mutiara Taman Negara Resort. Taman Negara-Pahang’s rainforest sanctuary and provides air-conditioned accommodation with a terrace and views of the Tembeling River or jungle. 

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Free Wi-fi
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Sleepbox Hotel


Strategic to Place Attraction

  • Clean and well-kept
  • Muslim-friendly
  • Friendly staff
Price Per Night


Hotel Seri Malaysia Rompin

2 Star

Garden View and Terrace

  • Buffet and Breakfast
  • Air conditioning
  • Wifi
Price Per Night


The Zenith Hotel Kuantan

Up to 3 adults per room

  • accessible kitchen and foreign dishes
  • Air conditioning
  • Wifi
Price Per Night


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