For its agricultural activities, Kedah is a well-known state where you can see the green paddy fields close to the highways. The breathtaking view suits those who want to hide from the city’s hustle and bustle. Have you ever wondered what fun places you should visit while you’re in Kedah? Here are 12 attractions that we have described for you all! So let’s see the great places in Kedah you can visit.

Daylight activities

Much of Kedah has a rural feel to it and it is known as the rice bowl of Malaysia.

Night activities

All this adds up to a range of experiences for the visitor who wants things to do.



Three ways to characterise Alor Setar, the capital of Kedah, are beautiful architecture, paddy fields and hardly any visitors. A whirlwind tour is what the few tourists on a stopover between Langkawi and Penang want. The top must-visit attractions in all around Kedah, are revealed in the NextTrip.Travel

1. Langkawi

In fact, Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands, but since they are almost all uninhabited, they have concentrated on Pulau Langkawi, the main island. There are many attraction places and things to do while you’re here. Dont forget to try Langkawi Sky Bridge, Cable Car, Eagle Square to see the eagle statue, and nore here. Renting a car (or motorbike) and touring around the island is recommended. It’s easy to drive here!

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2. Menara Alor Star(Alor Star Tower)

Location:  Lot 99, Lebuhraya Darul Aman, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah
Operation hour:  everyday 8:30am – 10:30pm

Located in the heart of Alor Setar, this tower is a prominent and modern landmark that signifies the rapid growth in the state of Kedah, standing at 165.5 metres tall. It serves as both a tower for telecommunications and a tourist attraction. Visitors will enjoy a stunning view from the platform of the Tower, which extends from Gunung Jerai (Kedah Peak). You can see the paddy fields outside Alor Setar from the tower-an amazing view, particularly during harvest time.

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Many things to do here in Kedah atnight especially Langkawi. Do check it out what is it in top 9 on NextTrip.Travel

1. Murni Beach Waterfront

Location: 5, Jalan Pantai Murni, Kampung Pantai Murni, 06900 Yan, Kedah
Operation hour: 24 hours

Another magnificent beach in Kedah. Because of its clean beaches and the perfect place to hang out with friends or relatives, the Murni Beach Waterfront is also the subject of tourists. Here you can find a number of food stalls and don’t miss the chance to enjoy in this region the popular shrimp noodle! Tourists can sit here for longer and settle their minds without thinking about the amenities.


 photo by turbinemanlog.blogspot.com


2.  Ulu Legong Hot Springs Recreation Centre

Location: 09100 Baling Kedah
Operation hour: 24 hours

On the side of the road near Siti Khadijah Market, the night market site was set up. Many things such as clothing, scarves, batik cloth, shoes, toys, as well as snacks such as chips are also here. For a second, stand here to see what’s interesting.

Since they enjoy coming here to dip their feet in this hot tub, the Ulu Legong Hot Springs Leisure Centre is a focal point for hikers and tourists. Climbers coming from the nearby Baling Mountain can stop here to rest or ease their exhaustion. Different facilities are open, including playgrounds for youngsters, prayer areas, outdoor gyms, public toilets, BBQ places, and more. You can even rent a given chalet and enjoy the moment here with your members!


photo by www.nst.com.my

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