Welcome toPahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. It is lightly inhabited, and primaeval rain forests, pristine national parks, massive freshwater lakes, daunting mountains and refreshingly cold hill stations are turned over to vast tracts. Pahang also boasts some fantastic beaches and Tioman Island, one of Malaysia’s most famous islands.

Daylight activities

Pahang is a criminally underrated travel gem filled with scenary nature and one-of-a-kind food!

Night activities

As many of its main attractions in the countryside, also possible to visit as part of a night trip.


Pahang is a criminally underrated travel gem filled with lush rainforest reserves, pristine beaches and towering mountain ranges. Pahang is a lucky state, rich in upland areas with refreshing oxygen, jungle with preserved flora and fauna, beaches with enchanting scenery.

Let’s see the interesting places in Pahang that make it a state that you must visit

1. Berjaya Hills

Location: Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang.

Bukit Tinggi is a tropical forest area, and is a cool holiday destination.
Many interesting places that will steal your attention here. The scenery here is as amazing as being abroad. This is because the architecture of the hotel here is based on the design of buildings in France.

Places of interest here such as Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hill, Japanese Village, Rabbit Farm, Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club, Botanical Garden and more.


2. Genting Highland

Location: Genting Highland, Pahang

From the experience of seeing fireflies full of magic, flying fox activities that drive adrenaline to the maximum, its very indoor and outdoor theme parks to its shopping experience.

Load your car at the car park at Awana SkyCentral (adjacent to Genting Highlands Luxury Outlets) so you can board the Awana Station cable car.

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As the sun goes down, Pahang’s nightlife often revs up-not as rowdy as the after-dark scene in Thailand or as calm as the no-alcohol nighttime offerings in Brunei, Pahang lies between these two groups somehow.

1. Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

Location: Air Terjun Chamang, Bentong, Pahang
Operation hour: Tue – Sun (10am – 10pm) | Mon (10am – 8pm)

The Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, situated an hour from Kuala Lumpur, is worth checking out! The indoor theme park, suitable for families and friends, provides a wide variety of attractions for visitors of all ages! Experience over 20 thrilling new attractions and rides inside Skytropolis Funland.

Don’t skip the iconic and nostalgic trip inside the theme park carousel! On a 10-minute gondola cable car ride onboard the Awana SkyWay gondola, enjoy the fresh Genting Highlands breeze.


2. Little Bali on Cherating’s Beachside

This newly-opened restaurant along Cherating Beach stands apart from other joints. Located right by the water, where you can catch sight of fireflies at night if it’s very dark, on some nights this nightspot has a live band.

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