Though it may be just a lesser gem in the sparkling mosaic of the Malaysian landscape, the state of Perlis is replete with the languid, old-world charm that continues to entice visitors from all over the peninsular. The natural wonders are both open and beautiful, and the state ‘s relation with southern Thailand ensures that tourists can experience some wonderful and unique cultural and culinary infusions. For the inhabitant who has grown tired of the bigger states’ attractions,

Daylight activities

Must-see attractions to experience Penang in a short space of time. 

Night activities

All this adds up to a range of experiences for the visitor who wants things to do.



Do not look at one of the smallest states in Malaysia, its name, Perlis Indera Kayangan, is enough to reflect that even though it is small, it should be given respect because it has many attractions that it offers, it is unique.

1. Taman Rekreasi Tasik Melati

Tasik Melati is a small lake that has more than 150 sand dunes. Bridges are provided across the lake to allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake with its green background and mountains.

This Recreation Park is also a location worth visiting for those of you who love bird watching activities because here there are various types of birds in various colors that fly freely.


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2. Gua Kelam Cave

Gua Kelam (or ‘Cave of the Darkness’) was opened to the public in 2008, and is one of Malaysia’s most spectacular caves. This cave was used once for tin mining and a subterranean source of mined stone, whose edding dripping still echos in the darkness. The cellar is surrounded by a wooden path lit by vibrant light. It is worth warning squeamish tourists that bats roost in Kelam Cave’s depths, even though their appearance just adds to the bizarre mystery of the site.


photo by perlis.attractionsinmalaysia.com


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Most attractions in Perlis are connected to the environment. While it is not as developed in Malaysia as the other countries, it offers a perfect getaway from the heart of the town. And at night, definitely want to go to a possible place that is a bit relaxed and what else. More activities are below – check it out!

1. Wang Kelian View Point (Menara Pandang Wang Kelian)

Wang Kelian View Point is another of Perlis’ most famous attractions to enjoy. In the warmer days, the hills around you will be thick, white waves. You would not only have panoramic views of Perlis and its natural ecosystem.


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2. Masjid Terapung Al-Hussain

Al-Hussain Floating Mosque is so beautiful, soothing to look at. Built at a cost of RM12 million, it is not a big mosque, this is an iconic mosque located in Perlis. Its position facing the Straits of Melaka makes it 100 times more beautiful, especially when dusk arrives, the sunset raises this series of non-painted mosque buildings.


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