Kuching is Sarawak’s capital city and is part of eastern Malaysia and is situated on the broader Borneo Island. Anyone who has been to West Malaysia would find that Sarawak has a very different feel one of the prettiest places in the country.

Daylight activities

The town is considered to be home to a variety of ethnic communities including the Iban and the Dayaks. Discover it all!

Night activities

A lively night scene awaits you after an evening meal in the capital


The town is considered to be home to a variety of ethnic communities including the Iban and the Dayaks. The highlight of a visit to Borneo, for many tourists, is the opportunity to visit a traditional longhouse to see how people might have lived here in the old days.

1. Explore Mulu National Park

Location: Marudi District, Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia

The caves here are genuinely jaw-dropping but it wasn’t just for its beauty that Mulu was recognised. The park is also a significant natural habitat, full of wildlife not easily found elsewhere. If you think that Mulu National Park is your ‘typical’ trek and snap, it isn’t! There’s a lot to do here. From adventure caving to kayaking to visiting native settlements and waterfalls, there’s a lot of Mulu to take in. And if you do decide to make the trip out here, you have to catch the bats leaving at sunrise. It’s a sight to behold.

Getting here: MAS runs flights many days a week from Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu to Mulu.

Traveller Tip: Make reservations in advance as there are few beds inside Mulu National Park and during the peak season ( June-September) the place is normally booked complete. Of course, there’s the Mulu resort, but it will be a more expensive choice. To make your stay more informative and affordable, consider subscribing to a tour group or plan!


2. Bako National Park, Kuching

Location: Bako National Park, Kuching, Sarawak

This national park is the oldest national park. Bako has a wide range of plants and varieties of plants, and one of the draws here is this. In Bako, you can find almost all forms of plants present in Borneo. Almost 275 uncommon proboscis monkeys occur, and they are found only in Borneo. The best time to see wildlife in Bako is after dawn and before dusk, when the animals are active.

There is a chalet in Bako National Park if you want to sleep here. However, the accommodation is a comfortable base for an overnight stay.

Appropriate Activities:
Various extreme activities can be carried out here. You can travel to see the beauty of nature. In Bako consists of 16 color-coded forest trails that offer a variety of options for walking and hiking. Those who like a challenge can choose to hike the forest all day or join an overnight camping expedition, while those who do not like extreme activities can choose to walk on the forest trail.

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 In Sarawak, there are so many things to do and must-see sites that you might be in a confusion about what to add and what to miss from your trip. With these 10 awesome things to do, we will help you make up your mind as you head out to Sarawak at night!

1. Party In A Jungle Rainforest

Location: Kuching Sarawak

The Rainforest World Music Festival , held annually at the Sarawak Cultural Village, brings together world-renowned indigenous artists for a festival unlike any other. With rock, dance and art classes throughout the day and a diverse (non-mainstream) line-up of musical artists at night, the celebrations run for three days.

 Photo Credit: RWMF


2. Old-School Siniawan Night Market

Location: Siniawan, Bau, Sarawak 
Operation hour: 6am – 10pm

The sleepy little town of Siniawan comes alive every weekend with a buzzing night market that is vibrant enough to match that of any major city, situated half an hour ‘s drive from Kuching’s city centre. The old shophouse here, once severely destroyed by flooding, was wonderfully renovated to its former glory, keeping up with the town’s old-school feel.

The place is always crowded with people dining at clashing tables, so to find an empty spot you will have to find your way around. However, if you would prefer to have a ’round-table’ meal, there are also a few restaurants further down the street. It’s free to enjoy the fun environment and collect enough confidence to get up on the karaoke stage!

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