Shopping is definitely a common pastime in Selangor, and our list of Selangor’s Top 10 Shopping locations is sure to satisfy, whether you are in heaven wandering through well-lit luxury malls or perusing the racks of a street market. There are a few aspects that make a city a prime shopping destination, but we can all accept that diversity is an important aspect and in this, the city delivers easily.

1. Mitsui Outlet Park

Location: Persiaran Komersial, KLIA, 64000 Sepang, Selangor
Operation hour: everyday, 10am–10pm

The outlet of Mitsui Outlet Park (MOP) near KLIA has been extended by over 20 additional outlets to 170 stores in total. KLIA Sepang is a shopping centre 60 km from KL and 6 km from KLIA and KLiA 2. The Mitsui Outlet Park is a centre with shopping.

MOP promotes a warehouse outlet model that provides a variety labels that commodity with enticing discounts from the high middle to high end off-season. Japan Avenue features Japanese craft, history, music and culinary delights at Japanese Specialty store.


photo by retailnews.asia


2. Sunway Pyramid

Location: Sunway Pyramid, Sunway City, Petaling Jaya
Operation hour: everyday 10am–10pm

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center has an inspired architecture in ancient Egypt. It houses hundreds of shops that sell clothes, electronics, jewellery, toys and everything else you may like or need for your journey and after. Avoid shopping for a movie at the cinema, enjoy arcade games, learn archery skills, or sing a karaoke.

photo by starproperty.my

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