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Perak Darul Ridzun is officially the official name of the administration. Darul Ridzuan, meaning, ‘Abode of Grace.’  Ipoh is the administrative capital of Perak and its  historical reputation. In the 1890s, Perak was a big priority of the British Empire for possessing the world’s richest tin reserves. According to a recent census in Malaysia, the capital city of Perak, Ipoh, is home to around half a million residents.

Perak is great. It has everything you would want for as a place to visit and explore, be it numerous waterfalls, rivers, historical architecture, culture and food! Above all, these are mostly natural

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Welcome to Perak: the most serendipitous state in Malaysia. The area was a tin mining powerhouse during British colonial days. This boom period’s legacy survives in the beautiful architecture of Ipoh and Taiping. Beach-lovers will welcome the opportunity to spend a night on Pangkor Island. Wake up to the visitor vacuum of coastlines and calm waters next to the warm beach.



If you think exploring Perak Malaysia for your next holiday, you will enjoy visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites located in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia

Perak Bucket List: Top 10 Things To Do In Perak – Sure you will come again

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True, Ipoh’s nightlife isn’t really happening as much in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. But here are some chilling stuff to do when the sun goes down, just in case you want more options!

Bet you’re shocked that there’s still a bucket list in Perak at night for what to do!

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Where to eat & drink

Perak local treats and dishes

For many, tasting some of Perak’s popular food is the biggest reason to stop at Perak. Here are the best Ipoh foods you can not remove from your search for food in Perak! You may be wondering: What else in Ipoh is there to do? Any fun places in Perak are here!
Best dishes for breakfast in Perak

Looking for a place to breakfast around Perak? Don’t worry, we have a list. So, keep reading to find out more! Click here to explore the places

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NextTrip.Travel would like to facilitate your ‘food hunt’ by listing 10  interesting lunch in Perak. Click here to explore the places

Good place for Tea-Time

Afternoon tea is intended to fill up the lunch-dinner void. With that said, here are 10 best places for you. We enjoy healthy tea-time.
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Dinner Time!

Dinner is planned to fill up the gap of your empty stomach. Having said that, there are 10 of the best locations for you.  Click here to explore the places

Good place for Supper

For snacks, find out more locations! It will make sure you have a strong one. Click here to explore the places

Top 10 Where To Eat in Perak

For me, the best shopping in Perak is in Ipoh. Why? Because there are variety types of souvenier such as white coffee, biscuits, and gift products that meet the my needs whenever I am here.

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Where to Shop in Perak

Chang Jiang White Coffee

World’s best white coffees, people from all over the world came here only to get the taste of white coffee from the city. Read More

Kong Heng Square

Visit this location to purchase authentic local Ipoh crafts – and pick up any crafts or trinkets for yourself.  Read More

D.N.S Kacang Puteh Ipoh

Popular snack that you can’t get enough of in Perak where these snacks are prepared locally and shipped worldwide. Read More

We decided to help you source of the best handmade, ethically produced Perak souvenirs, mostly in Ipoh – Destinations are at the top of the list for your next trip in Perak



Thanks to its plethora of tasty food, soothing environment and hipster coffee joints all around! Of course, after a long day, you’re going to want to rest up, and what better than these few incredible accommodations to choose from?




 Sunway Lost World Hotel

Lost World provides classic rooms with easy access to the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park and unlimited use of the Lost World Hot Springs, situated in Tambun at the foot of a limestone hill and surrounded by greenery. Breakfasts can be enjoyed on the garden terrace.

  • Strategic to the attraction places
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Lux Hotel

Offering city views, and near to restaurants

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Hotel M Boutique Station 18

Boutique style hotel

  • Laptop-compatible safe
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Hotel Grand Baron

Panoramic views of Taiping Maxwell Hill

  • Family rooms
  • Air conditioning
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