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A Good-Natured Border State

The smallest state in Malaysia, its name, Perlis Indera Kayangan, is enough to reflect that even though it is small, it should be given respect because it has many attractions that it offers, it is unique. In addition to the duty free shopping available in the border area, it is a loss if you do not come here if there is an opportunity. It sits on the northern portion of the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, on the northern frontier of the Satun and Songkhla Provinces of Thailand. It is bordered to the south by the kingdom of Kedah.

I love the panorama of Perlis, a small nation didn’t mean you got something. Blue in the skies of PERLIS, out of busy towns, and quiet surroundings and panoramic views.

Veshwini, Beauty Therapist (Lake House)

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What to do

Location & Nearby Attractions

The sights in Perlis can be covered in a short time due to their limited size but still deserve a visit if only to enjoy the rustic life of its peaceful and gentle people. Perlis, most famous for its limestone hills and sweet Harum Manis (fruit), Perlis is a peaceful state with friendly people. Though not as popular as the other states in Malaysia, it has its rustic charms and here are the top 20 Perlis attractions that you should visit. Let’s explore the best things to do:


Though it is just a tiny joy in Malaysia’s glowing mosaic, Perlis is full of the languid, ancient beauty of travellers from all over the peninsula.

Discover the top 10 things to do in Perlis

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The peculiar features of Perlis are sure to serve as the ideal cure for the resident traveller who want more attractions at night

Our suggestion top sunset places  in Perlis

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Where to eat & drink

 Perlis local snacks and dishes

There were several fun places to eat during Perlis state travel during the day and and you will able to explore and try hipster fare from the community’s signature menu. There is also a restaurant that is really cheap and exclusive. Standby everyone, let’s start eating!

Best Breakfast

Looking for Perlis’ best place for breakfast? 10 sites around Perlis for breakfast are listed here.. Click here to explore the places

Best dishes for lunch

For lunch, we want to share 10 places to eat, especially for people who have first set foot in Perlis Click here to explore the places


Of course you are among the many people who are still looking, where is the best place to eat for a Delicious Afternoon Tea. Click here to explore the places

What’s for Dinner?

Let’s see together the eateries you can go while dinner time is approaching.  Click here to explore the places

Top 10 Where To Eat in Perlis

I’ve been to Perlis last year and planning to visit again but this time with my family. I want to show them, Kelam Cave in Kaki Bukit. One time visit to Perlis is definitely not enough. 

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Get Ready with your wallets

Where to Shop in Perlis

Wang Kelian Markets

This huge Sunday market spreads through Malaysia and Thailand on both sides of the border.  Read More

Padang Besar

hopping paradise for Malaysians and Thais because of its cheap prices, no matter what, due to its location in a duty free area in the middle of the border. Read More

The Store Kangar

Legendary Kangaroo shopping centre. For years only towering. Quite nice shopping experience with a high range of selection, of food, apparel, and many more.  Read More

If you wish to get yourself some of the special local items as a remembrance of your visit to the state, Padang Besar is one of the best places in Perlis.



City life is often hectic, and we long for some peace and tranquilly for days. Fortunately, to discover it, you don’t have to drive far. Small sleepy Perlis gives plenty of this beauty. Malaysia ‘s northernmost state is near Langkawi, but mostly neglected. We also suggest you the most booked accomodation in Perlis special list for you.




Kenanga Villa 1

Private room in earth house. A cozy homestay in the middle of perlis state, clean and tidy. High privacy and very nice host with outstanding hospitality.

  • Common space arrangements
  • Kitchen provided
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Dangau Sufi

Strategic loation to main towns of Kangar

  • Entire home
  • Clean and tidy
  • Bonda is a Superhost
Price Per Night


Sofikha Vacation Studio

Tiny house, hosted by Bonda

  • Entire home
  • Self check-in
  • Clean and tidy
Price Per Night


Haza Boutique Homestay

Entire bungalow · 10 guests · 6 beds · 3 baths

Away from the hustle bustle of the city

  • Entire home
  • Clean and tidy
  • Hatifa is a Superhost
Price Per Night


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