If you wish to get yourself some of the special local items as a remembrance of your visit to the state, Padang Besar is one of the best places in Perlis. This is also a location where you can witness a completely different kind of shopping experience as you expect to see stalls after stalls blanketing the whole city instead of seeing the normal shops and outlets.

1. Wang Kelian Markets

This huge Sunday market spreads through Malaysia and Thailand on both sides of the border. Shoppers will quickly enjoy a genuinely special international shopping experience since the border security guards open up the Thais market without the need for buyers to search their passports (though this is only the case on Sundays). In Wang Kelian markets, inexpensive clothes, tasty local specialities and household items can be easily purchased. The spicy ‘pulut ayam’ (a sort of fried chicken rice) and ‘somtam’ (a Thai seafood salad) are the most popular foods available.


photo by www.nst.com.my


2. Bazar Padang Besar

About 35 km from the capital of Perlis, Kangar, is a shopping paradise for Malaysians and Thais because of its cheap prices, no matter what, due to its location in a duty free area in the middle of the border. If you have never been here before, what if you save money from now on, then go shopping there contentedly.