About Sarawak (Bumi kenyalang)

The World of Rich Nature

This ‘Land of the Hornbills’, unlike everything else, Sarawak shows a side of Asia, providing an option for those finding modest authenticity far from the clichés of tourist traps. It is possible to visit Sarawak as a complementary journey to Peninsular Malaysia and neighboring countries or as a journey adventure of its own. 

As part of Malaysia, Sarawak is a safe and secure place to fly on the island of Borneo, ideal for big groups or single travelers alike.

Sarawak is the most harmonious state in Malaysia. even if there are several races and ethnicities they can still sit in peace and harmony.

Atiqah, Landscape Architecture                     (Konzept Garden)

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What to do

Location & Nearby Attractions

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak and is located on the wider Borneo Island. Anyone who has been to Peninsular Malaysia will find that Sarawak has a very different feel, thanks in particular to its strategic location on the snake-like Sarawak River, one of the prettiest places in the world. 


Winning the Oscars of Mother Nature and Malaysia has been fortunate enough to have attained several of these titles.

Exploring Mulu Caves at Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia |  Drink Tea & Travel

If you think that Mulu National Park is your ‘typical’ trek, it isn’t! There’s a lot to do here.

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The city takes pride in its bustling streets, some of which still have a colonial vibe while others are extremely modern. 

Here’s a list if you find yourself still energized after a day of exploring.

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Where to eat & drink

Sarawak local treats and dishes

Sure, you can find these dishes in the city, but why settle for imitation when you can have the real deal in Sarawak? If you’re curious what is your lunch, sit back and ready your tummies, because we’ll be sharing them with you now at NextTrip.Travel

Sarawak breakfast special edition

The best food haven for breakfast in Sarawak with these hotspots, and be ready to salivate in the city of fluffy kitties! Click here to explore the places

Check the best lunch only in Sarawak

Sarawak has their own unique dishes.  In fact, some of these dishes can only be found in the Land of the Hornbills! Click here to explore the places

It’s Dinner Time!

With a diverse ethnic and cultural make-up, the city is also home to some of the most exciting cuisines in Malaysia Click here to explore the places

What’s for supper?

Early birds or night owls, Sarawak has the best early morning/late night spots for you to feast and dine. Click here to explore the places

Top 10 Where To Eat in Sarawak

I’m from semenanjung, been studied in Kuching for the past 4years. Kuching is the best place I had ever experienced in my life. The people there are so respectful, in peace and no rasicm. Next month gonna visit Kuching again

Tourist : Eric Nam


Get Ready with your wallets


Shopping in Sarawak

Shop at Main Bazaar

Some of the items here include  beads and jewelry as well as textiles with weaving techniques of the indigenous groups here. Read More

Sarawak Layer Cake

The colourful firm texture, ‘stuck’ together by jam. There’s no way you can resist wheter to eat along nor bring it home.  Read More

Sunday Market

Terubuk ikan masin here very fresh and have their own best quality rather than imported. Just a perfect souvenirs to bring home.  Read More

Shopping in Sarawak  also giving a flavor of the cultural uniqueness of the East. get the shopping experiences here, and you’ll soon come to realize why Sarawak is such a famous retail hub.



Sarawak’s ‘City of Cats’ attracts tourists for its food, colonial architecture and National Park. With a healthy mix of backpackers, mid-range travellers  have plenty of accommodation choices. Here are the best accomodations in Sarawak with best deal and to suit all needs also worth budgets.




Citadines Uplands Kuching

Located across the street from The Spring Shopping Mall, Citadines Uplands Kuching provides contemporary accommodation in Kuching. It features an outdoor pool and fitness center. Free WiFi is accessible from the unit and for guests driving, there is free parking available.

  • Strategic to the attraction places
  • Family-friendly Aparthotel
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The Green Cottage Homestay

Nursery home style

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Roxy Sematan Canopi & Villa


A terrace is available and enjoy cycling 

  • Private bathroom
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Mulu Marriott Resort


Natural and lush greenery

  • Airport service
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  • outdoor activities
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We at nextTrip.travel help you to find all the best accommodation in Sarawak that suited to your budget.